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In the field of packaging, we believe that customization is of key importance. We work closely with our customers in developing new designs which are not only visually attractive, but extremely effective in terms of cost and use. We provide our customers endless packaging solutions in Extrusion Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding.

NVIC_01 Oil Can ( 5 ltr )

NVIC_02 Oil Can ( 5 ltr )

NVIC_03 Cream Jars

NVIC_04 Custom Bottle

NVIC_05 Custom Bottle

NVIC_06 Custom Bottle

NVIC_07 Custom Bottle

NVIC_08 Custom Bottle

NVIC_09 Custom Bottle

NVIC_10 Custom Bottle

NVIC_11 Custom Bottle

NVIC_12 Custom Bottle

NVIC_13 Custom Bottle

NVIC_14 Custom Jar

NVIC_15 Nasal Spray Bottle

NVIC_16 Custom Jar

NVIC_17 Toilet Cleaner Bottle

NVIC_18 Juice Bottle

NVIC_19 Acid Bottle

NVIC_20 Juice Bottle ( 300 ml )

NVIC_21 Square Juice Bottle ( 250 ml )

NVIC_22 Juice Bottle ( 200 ml )

NVIC_23 Liquid Wash ( 500 ml )

NVIC_24 Oil Can ( 15 ltr )

NVIC_25 Liquid Wash ( 1 ltr )