We have a wide range of stock designs of plastic jars in different shapes and sizes ranging from 50ml to 25ltrs. Our jars are keeping in mind the industrial ensuring they are durable and can be used to store food products and chemicals.

NVIJ_0I Jar (250ml - 1ltr)

NVIJ_02 Jar (1ltr)

NVIJ_03 Jar (100ml to 500ml)

NVIJ_05 Square Jar (1ltr )

NVIJ_04 Square Jar (500 ml )

NVIJ_06 Round Jar (5 ltr and I0 ltr )

NVIJ_07 Square Jar ( 5 ltr )

NVIJ_08 Square Jar ( 15ltr )

NVIJ_09 Round Jar (20ltr and 25ltr )