We have a wide range of stock designs of jerry cans in different shapes & sizes ranging from 50ml to 20ltrs. Our jerry cans are keeping in mind the industrial ensuring they are durable and can be used to store food products and chemicals.

NVIJC_0l Can ( 5 ltr )

NVIJC_02 Can (H Type) (5ltr)

NVIJC_03 Can (Square Type) ( 5ltr)

NVIJC_04 Can (5ltr)

NVIJC_05 Can (15ltr)

NVIJC_06 Can (19ltr )

NVIJC_07 Can (F Type) (2.51tr, 4.51tr, 51tr and I0ltr)

NVIJC_08 Can (M Type) ( 5 ltr and 10 ltr )

NVIJC_09 Can (M Type) ( 20 ltr )

NVIJC_l0 Oval Type Can ( 5ltr)

NVIJC_11 Sidehandle Can -(5ltr)

NVIJC_12 Sidehandle Can -(250ml)

NVIJC_13 Sidehandle Can (flat) ( 500ml, 1ltr and 5ltr )

NVIJC_14 Sidehandle Can (Round) ( 500ml, 1ltr and 5ltr )

NVIJC_15 Stackable Can (35ltr)

NVIJC_l6 Stackable Can (20 ltr)

NVIJC_l7 Stackable Can (10 ltr)

NVIJC_l8 Stackable Can (5 ltr)

NVIJC_l9 Can (Square Type) (20 ltr )